"The results were far beyond my expectations. After only 8 months, even my barber of 25 years was so impressed... He said it was the best hair transplant he had ever seen, and he has seen many."

"Thank you, Dr M. M. Gupta for your courteous and professional manner you have shown throughout my hair plantation procedure. I really appreciated the long hours you put in on the day of my transplant surgery and the respectful way I was treated at all times right from the initial consultation."

"The transplanted hair seems to be growing in nicely. I recently reviewed pictures taken before my transplant with recent photos and wanted to thank you again for your skill and efforts in engineering a dramatic improvement. It is much appreciated."

"A guy... had a hair transplant before and said he was really impressed how it blended in and that he couldn't tell it was transplant. Someone in my office was asking other people if I was dying my hair. He couldn't figure out what was different about me."